IDL project portfolio management


Good design is only possible if it is realised. Our approach is to increase value by minimising risk. This requires an in depth understanding of the complexities and idiosyncrasies of every project, so that every aspect of business requirements are considered and addressed. Robust control procedures and proactive management ensure every client’s objectives are realised.


Drawing on 14 years of delivering diverse and complex projects, we pride ourselves in ensuring our team think like a client, delivering projects to the same level we would expect if we spending our own money.


Delivering multiple projects to reflect investor programmes requires a level of knowledge and understanding which comes with experience. Every investment programme requires a bespoke approach to ensure each element is considered and the programme under control. We navigate the process consider the risks and challenges and ensure the process is robust and as straight forward as possible.

IDL project cmd consultancy


As the CDM co-ordinator for the client, we are actively involved from an early part of the design stage to advise both client and design team on their responsibilities under CDM. We aim to guide the team and ensure that we are designing and developing a safe project for both the construction team to build, and for the end user to enjoy, whilst not compromising good design. We also keep the business, and our clients up to date on industry developments in relation to their CDM obligation.

IDL project cost management


Our in-house cost management consultants are experienced in gathering, evaluating and monitoring cost on construction projects. From initial setting of budgets for complex approvals through to day-to-day monitoring of on-site project costs we are experts in our field. Our cost control systems ensure that we can review and make informed recommendations to our clients at any time during the life of a project, avoiding surprises and determining a successful outcome.


Working across Europe in a diverse range of sectors has given our team an intimate knowledge of procurement, good and bad to ensure the right procurement strategy is adopted.  From the outset of any project to completion we control the process to mitigate risk and ensure best practice.


When required we act as lead contractor on fit-out projects, overseeing all elements of the co-ordination and design development. We manage cash flow forecasts, and variation tracking, compliance with the CDM Regulations, handover procedures and health and safety files.